As a life-long horse lover, Patricia fulfilled her dream to photograph horses in the wild in eastern Oregon in 2017. While she has always loved photography, having taken classes in high school (in the 70s!), it wasn’t until that trip in 2017 that she started to take it seriously. A couple of the photos taken on that trip are still in her Top 10 favorites.

Dun Stallion from the Sheepshead HMA, Harney County, Oregon

In an effort to have more opportunities to practice photography, she branched out into bird photography with the help of her husband, an avid bird-watcher. That has led to trips to Ankeny, Baskett Slough, Finley, Klamath Basin and Malheur National Wildlife Refuges as well as parks and other wildlife areas. In addition, the feeding stations at their home in Polk County, Oregon provide opportunities to photograph local birds and resident squirrels on a daily basis. But any beautiful sight, be it landscape or any kind of animal, is a welcome subject.

Her other interests include horse training and riding, gardening, music, and camping.

The pandemic restrictions in 2020 devastated her job as a singing and piano teacher and performer, but gave her more time to pursue photography and gave her the time and impetus to share it with others.

She sells her greeting cards and prints in-person at art and holiday markets and also sells to retail outlets.